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Public Information and Cooperation with the Professional Community (CPC)

Shares information about AA with professionals who have contact with alcoholics, like doctors. May provide AA literature and materials to the community.  Can work in conjunction with Public Information & Treatment.

"Many thousands of alcoholics owe their lives to a nonalcoholic professional — a medical doctor, psychiatrist, counselor, law enforcement official, member of the clergy — who was knowledgeable enough about alcoholism to recognize the illness and take the actions that would cut through the alcoholic’s denial and start him or her on the road to recovery. Often, nonalcoholics are able to help drunks long before they might have reached Alcoholics Anonymous. For example, in the 2001 A.A. Membership Survey, 27% of those surveyed identified courts, counseling agencies, and health care providers as a factor “most responsible for members coming to A.A.”


A.A. members cooperate with the professional community as individuals and through committees on Cooperation With the Professional Community (C.P.C.).  Sober alcoholics make themselves available to take people to meetings, serve as temporary or longterm sponsors, speak at informational events, and provide a variety of other services to carry the message.

Professionals who get involved with the A.A. Fellowship sometimes find not only that their work has been made easier, but also that their lives have been enhanced by A.A. principles."

-- From the Spring 2004 issue of About AA, A Newsletter for Professionals.

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