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7th Tradition

“Every A.A. group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.”


Make District 10 Checks Payable to:

Virginia District 10

Mail to: District 10 

P.O. Box 6062, Leesburg VA, 20178

Other 7th Tradition Contributions

Self - Support - Where Money & Spirituality Mix Pamphlet for Groups

AA Birthday Contributions

Forms and Publications

Use these forms in order to update the GSO data base:

Group Info Change Form

New Group Form

General Forms
District 10 Expense Sheet 

(This form is used for expenses when asking to be reimbursed by the district.)


Phone Hotline Info:

Blue Ridge Area Intergroup (BRAI) Hotline: 800-835-6130

Northern VA Intergroup (NVI) Hotline: 703-293-9753

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