Treatment Facilities Committee (TFC)

District 10 is in need of a Treatment Facilities Committee leader. This is another great opportunity to carry the message to the still suffering alcoholic!


The purpose of the Treatment Facilities Committee shall be to coordinate the flow of information and activities that pertain to carrying our message of recovery to alcoholics in hospitals and in alcoholism treatment and rehabilitation centers from the district to groups, and individual A.A. members.

Sobriety Requirements:  Suggest minimum 2 years of continuous sobriety. 



  • The Treatment Facilities Committee shall coordinate information, efforts, and activities with other Standing Committees, Intergroups, and groups within the district on the concerns of recovery in treatment facilities.

  • The Treatment Facilities Committee shall encourage and assist the district groups, and individual A.A. members involved in this Twelve Step work.

  • The Treatment Facilities Committee shall encourage the use of G.S.O.’s “Treatment Facilities Guidelines” and other G.S.O. literature and material at the district, and group level.